Patriotic Themed Canvas & LED Wall Art

From Veteran’s Day to Memorial Day to Independence Day and many more, there are many holidays and occasions to show your patriotism. Whether you are marking a special occasion or you are showing your love of your country every day, From Everyday to Holidays has patriotic pieces for your home.

These patriotic holidays are filled with symbolism, victory, history and bravery, celebrating our armed forces and our lustrous past as a unified nation. Fireworks, marches and colorful flags ring in these wonderful holidays and we have captured the spirit of each day in our patriotic canvas and LED wall art decor in Illinois. LED lights on stretched canvas illuminate any area proudly with our red, white and blue colors and the letters USA. Framed pictures and canvases with subtle LED candle lights provide a more gentle and historic reminder of our roots, past and progress.

Click to take a closer look at any piece and learn more. Add these light-up wall art decorations to your home permanently or bring them out for special patriotic celebrations.